Bruce MadoleBruce Madole
Brampton, ON

Bruce Madole is an award-winning Canadian songwriter whose devotion to story-telling began with an emphasis on poetry and short fiction. Over time he shifted into lyric, and then expanded his focus again to include longer forms. While his Twitter identity - @SongsAreStories – is evidence of Bruce's commitment to his shortest form of story-telling, he has continued to develop his fiction skills with the completion of a first novel this year, and a second novel underway. Bruce has had a variety of distinguished Canadian mentorsBruce Madole for his poetry and fiction writing, starting with a year-long workshop with Dennis Lee (at Trent University), briefly with Judith Merril, and recently, in workshops with Brian Henry. Bruce has been a lifelong student of the suspense, thriller and crime genres. A graduate of Trent University (English Literature) and Sheridan College (Journalism), Bruce has been a practicing wordsmith since 1979, including work as a journalist, editor, and public affairs writer. He is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) with a communications practice in business and technical communication. In private life, he has been a repeat contributor to The Canadian Writer’s Guide, and Canadian Musician, and other periodicals. Bruce is the co-founder, co-producer and performing host of an acoustic songwriter’s concert series, The Source of the Song, which has featured many of Canada’s leading and emerging songwriters. He is also the author and facilitator of a songwriting workshop, Finding Your Inner Songwriter. (