Gord Grisenthwaite photo


- Kelowna, BC

Gord stays in Kelowna, BC. He’s a Thompson Indian, and member of the Lytton First Nation. He’d been reluctant to write most of his adult life. Even though he’s shown some potential in college, and completed the 3-Day Novel writing contest twice in the early 1980s, he wrote nothing for close to 20 years. The 2003 Okanagan Firestorm triggered something and he began writing again. Of the first four stories he wrote, three were published: his personal experience story was included in Touch the Flame, a collection of stories by people affected by the fire; one was a finalist in the 2003 Okanagan Short Story Contest; one took third prize in the 2005 Okanagan Short Story Contest; one was the winner of the 2007 Prism International Short Fiction Contest, and was nominated for the Journey Prize and a Western Magazine Award; one took second prize in the 2008 Okanagan Short Story Contest and was published in Our Stories. After completing NaNoWriMo in 2008, Gord stopped writing again, this time because he had a grueling work schedule. Also in 2007, Gord’s short video “Reservation Blues” won a MacBook Pro from the APTN Show Us Your Beat contest. Gord’s partner had been encouraging him to write full-time for close to a decade. In May 2013 he chose to give full-time writing a shot. Since committing to writing full-time, he’s been productive, producing 15 new short stories and completing a 3-Day Novel this past Labour Day weekend.

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