Below in no particular order are the 12 semi-finalists for 2007

 photo of Barbara Haworth-Attard semifinalist

Barbara Haworth-Attard

Barbara Haworth-e of Elmira, Ontario, presently residing in London, Ontario with her family. June 1995 saw the publication of her first junior novel, Dark of the Moon . Since then she has written thirteen novels in the historical fiction, fantasy and contemporary genres for middle-grade and young adult readers. She is also published in the United States by Henry Holt and Company, and is also published in Denmark and France. She is the winner of the Saskatchewan Snow Willow Young Adult Book Award and the British Columbia Stellar Young Adult Book Award for her book “Theories of Relativity,” which also received a Governor-General's Literary nomination for 2003. She has been shortlisted for numerous other awards including three times being honour book for the Geoffrey Bilson Historical Fiction Award, the Mr. Christie Award, the Canadian Library Associations' Book of the Year Award, the Red Maple, Silver Birch, White Pine, Red Cedar, Manitoba Young Reader's Choice Award, and Arthur Ellis Mystery Award. Her latest book is a contemporary young adult entitled, “A is for Angst.”
photo of Rolli semifinalist

Charles M. Anderson

Rolli (Charles M. Anderson- Southey, SK)
Rolli writes - for adults and children. His literary work has appeared (or is forthcoming) in a number of Canadian and American journals, including Grain, Byline, Spring, Poesia, and in several anthologies. His children's writings - poetry, fiction, and nonfiction - have been sold to Spider, Ladybug, Wee Ones, KidVisions, Fandangle, and many other publications. At present he is finishing two adult collections, one of poetry (Megasoul), and one of short fiction (Mr. Penny). He lives in Southey, Saskatchewan.
photo of Anne Lukin

Anne Lukin's

Anne Lukin's
career as a writer began with two cookbooks published in Toronto; "On the Road to Vegetarian Cooking" (also published in Britain); and "The Big Carrot Cookbook". She researched and wrote dozens of food and recipe articles for Common Ground, Vitality and Whole Life magazines; as well as writing and editing corporate magazines and newsletters. Working through interviews and personal notes, she produced memoirs of the remarkable lives of two WWII prisoner-of-war and refugee camp survivors.
In recent years Anne has turned her writing focus to fiction. In 2007, one of her short stories was recognized as a finalist in the Elora (Ontario) Writer's Festival fiction contest.
Writing has been combined with challenging careers in Anne's other passions for food and for helping others. She has worked as a caterer, cook and restaurant manager, and in non-profit management in literacy, social justice, and currently, economic development.
Before immigrating to Canada, Anne grew up in Dallas, in a family of small-town Texan farmers and Eastern European Jewish immigrants passing on traditions from BBQ to bagels and guilt to quilts. She inherited a love of words from a long line of good cooks and storytellers. Anne now lives in Guelph, Ontario.
photo of Linda May Langworth semifinalist

Linda May Langwith

Linda May Langwith is the author of a debut novel, “The Golden Crusader”, published by Twilight Times Books. One of her short stories, "The Lottery Train" is featured on the Amazon Shorts program. Happily married, and blessed with two daughters and a son, she lives on Vancouver Island, the setting for “The Boat.” Her love of literature inspired her to complete a B.A. Honours and an M.A in English, while her passion for history has drawn her to Europe, England, Scotland and Ireland, to the places that nurtured her ancestors and in turn, nourish her imagination. She has enjoyed various careers as an arts grant officer, academic advisor, community resource coordinator and university researcher. The memory of her grandfather William Munro, born in Inverness, was the inspiration behind the short story “The Boat.”
photo of Kate Baggott semifinalist

Kate Baggott

Kate Baggott is a Canadian writer currently living in Europe. Her short stories have been published in Canada, the US, the UK and Ireland. Links to recently published work can be found at
photo of Chantelle semifinalist

Chantelle Cressman

I was born in St Thomas, Ontario and have lived here all my twenty-six years. I initially began writing poetry in high school, and took a creative writing course in my final year, which encouraged me to write short stories as well. Currently, I am in my third year of a bachelor program, majoring in Canadian Studies and French, through distance education at Athabasca University in Alberta. I also work part-time at the Elgin County Museum in St Thomas, and have a three year old daughter. I would like to teach French Immersion at a high school level when I have completed my education. I am also taking a couple creative writing courses at university, and recently joined a small writer's group in St Thomas, with three other members. I have never had any writing published, but I have submitted my work to a few writing contests as a way of getting started and finding my potential to become a published writer.
photo of Frank Talaber semifinalist

Frank Talaber

I call myself a writer by soul, auto-technician by day job, and know that during this lifetime I was meant to be a writer.
I've had six short stories published, the latest in the 2007 RD Lawrence Literary Anthology, and have completed three novels, one of which finished runner-up in the 2006 Bookland Literary Aid Contest.
Forty-nine, blessed with two children, two loopy cats and a bonkers-mad English wife. My zest for life, the environment, and the little muses that won't let my pencil keep still, spring from my mother's Hungarian ancestry. It's the Gypsy blood, I say, which drives my wife crazy when I leave our bed in the middle of the night to pound out some sort of literary induced brilliance.
"Here we go again, the next War and Peace," she moans, only to realize it's either gibberish or there's no lead in my pencil. I can usually be found puttering around the yard of our heritage Chilliwack home, talking innately to the squirrels or wondering how you can plant a dozen flower seeds and get five thousand weeds.
I love getting up early in the morning and writing. It's just me, the pencil and my imagination.
Photo of Judy Mathon semifinalist

Judy Mathon

Judy Mathon Legal secretary, business administrator, speaker and co-founder of a retreat and conference centre, as well as wife, mother and grandmother, Judy Mathon has felt the pull to write since she was young. Over the years, she has taken creative writing courses, attended "how-to" conferences, and joined writing support groups in an attempt to develop that inner urge. A few of her freelance articles have been published in the Cowichan News Leader (Duncan, BC) Highlight Quebec (Montreal, QC) and Christian Week (Ottawa, ON). Her many responsibilities prevented her from pursuing writing on a more professional level until her retirement two years ago, a goal towards which she now more actively dedicates her attention.
She is an avid fan of historical fiction, fantasy, and sci-fi.
Her faith strongly influences her writing. She credits The Word Guild, an organisation dedicated to promoting Canadian writers who are Christian, with helping her focus her writing efforts.
Originally raised in British Columbia, she and her francophone husband have lived the majority of their 36 year marriage in Quebec. Learning French was a priority during those years.
She and her husband presently live in Summerland, located in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia.
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Bob Bossin - Gabriola, B.C.
Entry withdrawn at request of author
photo of Arlana Crane semi-finalist

Arlanna Crane

I was born in the Philippines but as you can see from my picture I am not Filipino. My parents worked there for a couple of years but returned to Canada when I was less than a year old, so although they joke about their little blonde Pilipina I don't remember my birth country at all. I grew up in small logging communities on coastal British Columbia and Vancouver Island, sometimes even living in the logging camps where my dad worked. I have two younger brothers and even though we often lived in remote areas we always had enough imagination to keep ourselves entertained. My brothers were the only audience for my stories in those days, but amusing them is where I caught the bug. After high school I attended a small Bible college in Northern Alberta were I met my husband James. We were married two weeks after graduating and moved to Calgary, Alberta were I have been living, working, and writing ever since. I have been involved in and attended classes at the Alexandra Writers' Centre, which has an amazing and supportive local society. The opportunity to create fiction is a constant source of joy in my life.
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Shawn Tennant - Barrie, Ontario
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